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It is essential to look the way you are comfortable with and the way you like to look. It is equally important to appear how you are meant to look, and beauty matters a lot in many situations. Physical appearance and your features affect your overall personality and aid in building confidence in general public dealings.


Facelift & Face Surgery in in Turkey - Estethica Global

Rely on the experienced surgeons at Estethica global Turkey, Istanbul for your surgery. Would you like to be able to make your face look younger? We are utilizing cosmetic surgery procedures carried out by experienced, talented, and meticulous specialists. You can successfully get rid of your excess loose skin to regain the rejuvenated face. At Estethica global, (Turkey, Istanbul), we offer you facelift performed by remarkably competent surgeons. Our aesthetic and plastic surgery center in turkey (Istanbul) uses the latest and most effective techniques and procedures to help you to achieve the appearance you dream of.


Abdominal etching 6Pack

Abdominal etching also called 6Pack surgery is a body-shaping operation that guarantees you a dynamic, athletic and muscular body.


Tummy tuck

A tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) is a surgical procedure where excess fat and saggy skin is removed from the middle and bottom areas of the stomach and the muscles are tightened. Overweight patients have to lose an amount of weight to be determined by their doctor before they can have this procedure. A fat stomach and appearance can be solved with this operation.



During a person’s natural physical development, the number of fat cells in the body increases proportionally. Once development has come to an end, the number of fact cells remain constant though their volume can increase and this results in weight gain on the body mass index.



Gynecomastia is the name given to cases where male breasts grow similarly to that of the female breast due to weight gain and higher than normal hormone levels.


Slim Lipo

Slim Lipo is a technique that uses laser energy to effectively ‘melt’ fat and destroy fat cells while at the same time tautening and tightening the skin by stimulating cells that give skin its elasticity


Fat Transfer

This is a method where the patient’s own fat is used, taken from part of the body tummy, back hips ... to be transferred to other parts such as Buttocks, Breasts.


Buttocks Aesthetics

Buttocks are one of the most important aspects of the female figure. Round, full and pert bottoms that completely fill out any clothes that are worn are perhaps the most desired body feature of all women. However, today not only women but also men with small and indistinct bottoms want to undergo this operation to have more shapely bottoms.


Breast Augmentation Surgery in Turkey – Estethica Global

For effective and lasting treatment of breast augmentation, trust the talented and experienced surgeons of Estethica Global in Turkey (Istanbul). Breast augmentation or augmentation mammoplasty is the surgical procedure used to increase the size of your breast. Estethica in Istanbul, Turkey, has proudly announced the best plastic surgery in the world for achieving your breast enhancement goals.


Breast Reduction

This is a procedure to give excessively large or sagging breasts a more pleasant appearance by making them smaller.


Breast Uplift

Breast uplift operations are performed to return breasts, despite there not being any issue with size, to their former shape caused by pregnancy and birth, gaining and losing weight or ageing. Breast lifts are one of the most sought-after aesthetic operations among women.


Brow Lift

Brow lifts remove forehead lines, returns the eyebrows to their former positin and shape and makes the nose look longer. While brow lifts are usually suffient in of themselves for young and middle-aged patients, eyelid aesthetic, forehead and temple lifts can be added for older patients.


Eyelid Aesthetics

Eyelid lifts (blepharoplasties) is a surgical procedure carried out where excess fat, skin and muscle are removed from the upper and lower eyelids. However, it is essential to fully plan the amount of tissue to be removed.


Lip Aesthetics

Having full and attractive lips is a privalage every woman wants. Lips are indespensible as sign of attractiveness, fertility, femininity and, most importantly, beauty. Lip operations are performed to have full lips, an important aspect of having a beautiful face.


Ear Aesthetics

Ear aesthetic operations are normally performed to reduce the size of the ears or correct protruding ears which is where the outer ear protrudes more than normal forwards and outwards by repairing underdeveloped or flat ear folds.


Arm Aesthetics

Arms sag at the rear and inner parts as the result of age as well as episodic weight gain and loss. An arm lift is where the arms’ excess, saggy skin and fat tissue are removed.


Thighs Aesthetics

The aim of thighs aesthetics for striking, attractive legs, another symbol of femininity, is to have legs that are, from the hip to the ankle, in proportion to the body and in harmony with your physique. The operation involves taking fat from areas of the thighs where it is plentiful and placing it in deficient areas of the legs. Silicone or filler materials can be used in cases where there is not enough excess fat.


Genital Aesthetics

A person’s physical and aesthetic problems with their sexual organs can mar their quality of life and sexual enjoyment. These problems can be reduced with genital aesthetic operations.


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