Oral and Dental Health Clinic

Teeth Veneers

Over time, issues arising from wear and tear, tooth loss due to health reasons, or inadequate oral care can lead to various dental health problems for an individual. These issues may result in discomfort during daily activities, the formation of pain, or aesthetic concerns. Dental veneers, in this context, offer a permanent solution.


Dental Implant

As a pioneer in dental implant treatments, estethica aims to increase the quality of life of every patient with dental implant cost of Turkey, as well as regain everyone a healthy smile.


Hollywood smile

It is the whole of the applications in which both dental health and smile design are made by dental aesthetic specialists in line with personal needs and wishes. Smile design, also known as Hollywood smile, takes place in many stages according to the needs of the person.


Dental Aesthetics

Cavities as well as worn, broken, small/short and irregularly spaced teeth as well as badly-shaped, asymmetrical and crowded teeth poorly affect a smile’s aesthetics.


CAD/CAM Technology

Each of our hospitals and Zdravna Grupa Estethica medical centers has a computer-aided technology called CEREC©. This innovative technology makes it possible to reconstruct teeth in a single procedure.


Dental Calculus Cleaning

Tartars are dental plaques that are formed within a few days as the first signal to oral health due to regular dental care. These plaques, which are formed over time, turn into tartar and dental calculus.

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