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Chez Esthetica Global Medicina Estética, une filiale du Grupo de Salud Ethica, nous vous proposons une grande variété de traitements et de procédures chirurgicaux et esthétiques. Des services conçus à la fois pour ceux qui veulent améliorer leur apparence physique et pour ceux qui ont besoin de se remettre de blessures, d'accidents ou de malformations congénitales. Dans cette section, vous pouvez voir différents exemples d'avant et après différents traitements de chirurgie esthétique et plastique.

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Our guests recognize our health group and be aware of our services and activities; In addition to this, our vision and mission to reflect on this occasion to you and to inform you through the web is our priority.

Therefore; We would like to inform you that you can visit our website and microsites without having to share any personal information. However; you can share with our free will on our web sites to get information from our health group on various subjects; name, surname, phone number, address and any information that reflects your personal situation, including, but not limited to, will be shared with third parties.

In this direction, your personal information shared by our guests from our website; can only be used by our health group and by our business partners to fulfill your request.

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