Penis Enlargement Surgery

Penis enlargement surgeries are one of the most frequently performed operations in aesthetic surgery today.

Penis enlargement surgeries are one of the most frequently performed operations in aesthetic surgery today. The size of the penis, which is a symbol of sexuality in men, is of serious importance in terms of sexual happiness and personal satisfaction, self-confidence. Before penis enlargement operations, patients mostly who are not satisfied with the size of the penis experience sexual unhappiness, lack of self-confidence and seek a solution to this situation.

How is Penis Enlargement Surgery Performed?

  • A person who wants to perform this operation should first meet with the plastic surgeon doctor, should carry out an inspection.
  • In plastic surgery examination; patient's expectation from the operation, requests are considered.
  • Whether the operation will be suitable for him, after the operation whether their expectations will be met; The plastic surgeon evaluates the patient together with the doctor.
  • Injecting some fat transfer which get from the body into the penis, intended for penis enlargement operations. Penis Enlargement process are made thickening of the penis size and the patient's satisfaction.
  • Before the Penis Enlargement operation, the patient should not use blood thinners, should not drink alcohol for the last 2 days, and green tea should be avoided.
  • Also patient should not have eaten or drank anything for 8 hours before the operation time.
  • In Penis Enlargement operations, thickening of the penis is targeted 2-5 cm. Penis enlargement operation is performed by a plastic surgeon under general anesthesia in the operating room environment.
  • The operation takes an average of 1-1.5 hours. A small amount from the patient's abdomen
  • By removing the fat cells, the fat cells are injected into the penis to thicken and enlarge the patient's penis.
  • The patient can return to his social life within 1-2 days after the operation.
  • Patients who are maintaned Penis enlargement operation, should not have sexual intercourse for 1 month. In order for the result of the operation to be permanent, the patient should undergo another operation after 6 months and 1 year.
  • Implementations is recommended to patients by doctor. Since the operation is performed with fat injection, the injected
  • Some of the fat may melt after a while. The patient again demands a further thickening and enlargement,
  • If he needs an operation again in the future.

What are Penis Enlargement Surgery Prices?

Penis enlargement operation prices depend on the price policy of the institution where the operation will be performed. Also Penis enlargement operation prices can be varies according to its quality. Also Penis enlargement operation can change as which brand or circumstances will perform the operation. First of all, a reliable institution should be preferred. A reliable, high quality and experienced plastic The surgeon should be sure of what his doctor is doing. In hospital and operating room environment is also very important for successful penis enlargement operation. If you want to get information about penis enlargement surgery; us at 0850 222 38 45. You can call our line or contact us via Whatsapp.


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