Mommy Makeover

Combined plastic surgery is the whole process of performing two operations in one operation, which the surgeon deems appropriate depending on the expectations of the person.

What Is Combined Plastic Surgery And Mommy Makeover?

Combined plastic surgery is the whole process of performing two operations in one operation, which the surgeon deems appropriate depending on the expectations of the person. Mommy makeover is a procedure in which 3 operations are performed together if the person's health conditions are suitable and the surgeon deems it appropriate.

From historical times to the present, many aesthetic perceptions of beauty have emerged that meet the expectations of the age. While being overweight in some periods meets the social perception and expresses wealth; in some eras, being a size zero was a sign of being healthy and that aesthetics were suitable for beauty. In this direction, different studies have been carried out and operations have been carried out in order to achieve aesthetic beauty until today. With the development of technology has increased the rate of successful operations at the same time as more than one procedure in a single operation began to be made. In this way, no matter where the person is, he/she manages to achieve the aesthetic beauty he/she demands in one operation as much as he/she saves time with combined plastic surgery operations and mommy make over procedures.


What Are Plastic Surgery Operations?

There are many plastic surgery operations performed if the person's expectations and the surgeon deems it appropriate. These are:

  • Breast Augmentation Surgery
  • Breast Reduction Operation
  • Breast Lift
  • Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)
  • Liposuction
  • Nose Aesthetics
  • BBL with Fat Injection
  • Full Face Lift
  • Lower - Upper Eyelid Operation
  • Arm Lifting
  • Neck Lift
  • Prominent Ear Surgery
  • Eyebrow Lifting
  • Almond Eye Aesthetics
  • Leg Aesthetics

What Is Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure performed due to deformation or loss of volume due to reasons such as aging, sudden weight loss, postpartum deformity. Breast augmentation surgery is performed by placing a round or drop-type silicone prosthesis according to the breast tissue, as a result of consultation with the surgical doctor. When choosing a prosthesis in the surgery performed under general anesthesia, the decision is made by taking into account the body structure, age and physical characteristics of the person. During the operation, one of 3 different techniques, namely under the breast, around the nipple and under the armpit, is selected depending on the expectations of the patient and the procedure is performed. Breast augmentation surgery takes approximately 1.5 to 2 hours.

What Is Breast Reduction Operation?

Breast reduction surgery is a type of operation performed in cases where the breast is larger than expected due to birth factors, weight gain or tumor. Breasts that are larger than expected depending on the physical characteristics of the person cause shoulder pain, neck and back pain, posture disorder and sometimes shortness of breath. The purpose of breast reduction surgery is to make a person feel lighter, healthier, and achieve the aesthetic appearance they expect. During the operation, an incision is made vertically of 5 or 6 cm from the nipple to the bottom. In the most minimally performed vertical incision technique, more than 1000 g of skin and tissue are removed from one breast. Thus, the breast acquires its new appearance in accordance with the prototype of the body proportionally and symmetrically.

What Is Breast Lift?

Breast lift surgery, also known as 'mastopexy', is a breast augmentation performed due to the loss of elasticity of the breast tissue due to aging, hormone imbalance, sudden weight loss, pregnancy and breastfeeding. In breast lift surgery, a vectorial incision is made from the nipple to the breast crease. The purpose here is to give a sagging or hollowed-out breast a healthier appearance.



What Is Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)?

Abdominoplasty, also known as 'tummy tuck', is an operation to tighten the abdomen due to sagging, excess fat and deformities in the abdomen. Tummt tuck operation is performed in 2 types as full tummy tuck and mini tummy tuck.

Full tummy tuck operation is the process of removing the intense sagging of the waist and anterior abdominal wall and excessive fat accumulation. Excess fat tissue under the skin is removed, tightening the muscles, stretching the abdomen and repositioning the belly button. Thus, the abdominal region gains a new and aesthetic appearance. Another stretching procedure is a mini tummy tuck operation, which is performed because the abdominal region loses its flexibility and does not recover as a result of excessive fat in the lower part of the abdomen. It is an operation performed by stretching the skin of the abdomen with a small incision under the navel and pulling the navel downwards. Unlike the full abdominoplasty operation, fat is removed from the lower abdomen only, without touching the upper belly and belly button, and the abdomen gains an aesthetic appearance.

What Is Liposuction?

One of the oldest aesthetic and health procedures, liposuction is a surgical operation that provides tightening by removing the fat formed in the areas of the body that allow fat accumulation such as the belly, arms and legs. There are 2 different types: Vaser liposuction and slim liposuction. In order to be able to operate with liposuction techniques, the body must be suitable for liposuction. In addition, there are conditions for people who do not have diabetes, a permanent disease related to the skin, not being pregnant or not having a new birth.

Types Of Plastic Surgery Operations

What Is Nose Aesthetics?

Nose Aesthetics, also known as 'Rhinoplasty' in the local language, is an operation that removes congenital deformations, asymmetrical appearance due to traumatic causes, deformities or problems such as breathing problems. Depending on the deformity in rhinoplasty, in cases where the nose requires revision, when the tip of the nose needs to be corrected, in concha surgery, in existing situations such as breathing problems, surgical operation is performed. In addition, with the successful work of technological developments in the field of aesthetics, non-surgical rhinoplasty operations are also performed only in terms of aesthetic anxiety.

How Is BBL Surgery Performed With Fat Injection?

It is an operation that aims to achieve a natural appearance by injecting the excess fat taken from the person's own body in the BBL procedure with fat injection. An upturned butt image is created by purifying the excess fat from the waist, legs or abdomen of the person by centrifugation and injecting it into the hip area. The procedure, which is preferred to be performed under general anesthesia, is sometimes performed under local anesthesia. Although BBL (Brazilian butt) surgery with fat injection is an easy procedure, it is always recommended to be performed by professional surgeons.

What Is Full Face Lift?

It is a surgical operation performed to eliminate wrinkles, sagging and signs of aging that occur on the face with aging. In the full face lift procedure, both mini face lift and mid face lift operations are performed at the same time. It is started by making an incision on the edge of the hairy area, starting from the person's ear. Then the lower face area and cheek area of the patient are lifted up. The operation performed under general anesthesia takes approximately 2 or 3 hours.

What Is Lower – Upper Eyelid Operation?

Eyelid aesthetics, known as 'blepharoplasty' in medical terminology, is the process of removing wrinkles that occur after a while due to sagging due to health problems, excessive weight loss, smoking, congenital transfers, traumatic causes and aging. In the lower and upper eyelid operation performed under general anesthesia, the excess fat formed on the lower and upper eyelids is removed, opening the eye and creating an aesthetic appearance.

What Is Arm Lift Surgery?

Arm lift surgery is an operation performed to stretch the subcutaneous fat tissue and sagging skin in the invisible area of the lower arm. Due to aging, excessive weight gain, sudden weight loss or the formation of intense fat in the body, sagging may also occur in the arm area. During arm stretching, saggy skin is removed from the lower part of the arm, and arms that look healthy, fit and compatible with the body are created. After the procedure performed under general anesthesia, the scars formed on the arms during the healing process disappear after a certain period of time, with a healthy look and attention to weight gain.

Neck Lift

Neck lift surgery is the process of intervening in the sagging that occurs in the neck area with the advancement of age. In this operation, sagging and wrinkles on the neck are eliminated, resulting in a healthier and younger appearance.

Prominent Ear Surgery

Prominent ear surgery is an operation performed to correct the deformities of the ears, which have completed their development by the age of 6, from congenital or later traumatic causes. In prominent ear surgery, large ears are reduced, and if there is a defect in their folds, their folds are corrected. After this operation, the person's self-confidence increases and his perspective on the social environment changes.

Eyebrow Lifting

Eyebrow lifting is the operation of raising the sagging and changing appearance of the eyebrow structure with different methods over time and regaining its old youthful appearance. Eyebrow lifting is done for reasons such as smoking, unhealthy diet, air pollution, stress, not doing skin care regularly, aging and not looking aesthetically pleasing. In addition to performing the Brow Lift operation with methods such as endoscopic, eyebrow lifting with a rope; It is also done with focus ultrasound, and eyebrow lifting filling procedures.

Almond Eye Aesthetics

Almond eye aesthetics, also known as 'fox eyes' or 'bella eyes' in the colloquial language, is an operation that allows the eye to gain a slanting and more attractive appearance. Baden eye aesthetics is performed under general anesthesia as well as under local anesthesia. It is made by drawing a thin line on the outer part of the eye and hanging the shape of the eye upwards and outwards on the bone membrane with the help of surgical threads specially used for the person.

Leg Aesthetics

Leg aesthetics is the process of taking the excess fat tissues from the legs and injecting them into the missing areas, which makes the whole body look proportional from the hip area to the ankles. It solves problems such as leg deformities by providing the legs with disproportionate lubrication to gain an ideal appearance.

Are Combined Plastic Surgery Operations Performed?

Thanks to the use of the latest technological devices and the professional surgical team, many plastic surgery operations such as breast augmentation, BBL, liposuction allow more than one operation to be combined in one operation. These are:

  • Breast Reduction + Breast Lift
  • Breast Reduction + Abdominoplasty + Single zone liposuction (Mommy Make Over)
  • Breast Lift + Rhinoplasty
  • Breast Augmentation + Breast Lift
  • Breast Augmentation + Nose Aesthetics
  • Breast Augmentation + BBL
  • Arm Lift + Abdominal Lift
  • Breast Augmentation + Liposuction
  • Full Face Lift + Lower Upper Eyelid + Neck Lift
  • Prominent Ear + Nose Aesthetics
  • Brow Lift + Breast Aesthetics
  • Almond Eye Aesthetic + Face Lift
  • Leg Aesthetics + Nose Aesthetics
  • BBL + Abdominoplasty

How Is The Combined Breast Reduction And Breast Lift Procedure Performed?

During both breast reduction and breast lift surgery, the breast is first reduced and then lifted in a single operation. Combined plastic surgery operation performed under general anesthesia generally takes 2.5 or 3 hours. As a result of the consultations, if the doctor deems it appropriate, both operations are performed at the same time.

What Operations Are In The Mommy Makeover Operation?

It is an operation in which 3 different operations known as mommy make over, breast reduction, abdominoplasty and single zone liposuction are performed during one operation. In order to perform this operation, the necessary examinations must be done, the age must be appropriate and the doctor's approval must be given. The order of these procedures during the operation is decided by the surgeon. During breast reduction, excess fat is removed from the chest, which weighs on the body and spoils the prototype of the body. In the tummy tuck process, excess fat is removed from the abdomen and sagging is removed. In the liposuction process, the excess fat is removed from the appropriate places according to the preferred technique, and the procedure is completed.

How Is Combined Breast Lift And Nose Aesthetics Performed?

Another combined operation is breast lift and rhinoplasty. If the doctor approves, both procedures are performed at the same time. The doctor decides which one to start with first during the operation. In the operation performed under observation by being hospitalized for one day, attention should be paid to the person's rest and recovery process.

Can Breast Augmentation And Breast Lifting Be Done Simultaneously?

During a single operation, both breast augmentation and breast lift surgery are performed. Combined plastic surgery, breast augmentation and breast lift operation takes approximately 2.5 hours or 3 hours under general anesthesia. As a result of the doctor consultations, both operations are performed at the same time, if the surgeon deems it appropriate.

Are Breast Augmentation And Nose Aesthetics Performed At The Same Time?

As in Estethica Turkey, breast lift and rhinoplasty are combined; Breast augmentation and rhinoplasty operations are also performed in combination. In the operation performed under general anesthesia, the necessary technique is used in the rhinoplasty operation and all the problems about the nose are eliminated. In breast augmentation, the excess fat that the body cannot carry is removed from the breast area in an appropriate amount, and the procedure is completed.

Is Breast Augmentation and BBL Surgery Performed Simultaneously?

In order to perform breast augmentation and BBL surgery at the same time, the technique of BBL operation should be done with fat injection. Fat injection is the process of taking the person's own fat in the BBL process, passing it through the centrifuge system and injecting it into other areas. Since the method used in the BBL operation with a prosthesis is different, it is an operation that should be done alone. Breast augmentation and fat injection surgery are performed if necessary consultations are made and the doctor approves. After this procedure, the person is kept in the hospital for 1 day and kept under observation.

How Is Arm Lift And Abdominal Lift Surgery Performed?

The technique used in fat removal and tightening, which is generally preferred in combined arm lift and tummy tuck surgery, is the same. After this procedure, sagging in the tummy tuck area and arm stretching are removed and a tighter looking arm and abdomen is obtained. It not only changes the physical structure of the person in a single operation, but also renews his self-confidence.

Are Combined Breast Augmentation and Liposuction Operations Performed Simultaneously?

Like other operations, breast augmentation and liposuction operations are performed at the same time. In liposuction surgery, fat removal and tightening are performed from the desired area. On the other hand, in a surgery, the physical characteristics of the person change and their self-confidence increases.

Are Full Face Lift, Lower Upper Eyelid And Neck Lift Performed In The Same Operation?

Looking younger and healthier in a single operation is achieved with full face lift, lower upper eyelid and neck lift. During the operation, the doctor decides which procedure will be performed first. By removing the excess skin on the lower and upper eyelids, the wrinkled appearance and tired appearance are replaced by a healthier eye structure. In full face lift and neck lift operations, wrinkles and sagging due to aging are eliminated. Thus, all sagging images in the face, eye and neck region of the person are removed in a single operation. After the operation, the person gains a young, healthy and dynamic facial appearance.

Is Combined Ear And Nose Aesthetics Performed?

In Estethica Turkey, both prominent ear and nose aesthetic operations are performed at the same time. After the deformities in the nose of the person are eliminated, the size of the ears that they are not satisfied with is removed or the ear folds are shaped.

Eyebrow Lift And Breast Aesthetics

One of the combined operations, brow lift and one of the breast aesthetic operations requested by the patient, are performed at the same time. According to the preferred application in eyebrow lifting, endoscopic or threaded methods are preferred. In breast aesthetics, breast augmentation, breast reduction or breast lift are performed at the request of the patient.

Are Almond Eye Aesthetics And Face Lift Performed At The Same Time?

Almond eye aesthetics, one of the facelift methods, is performed in a single operation. In almond eye aesthetics, the eyes are slanted and upwards. It can be said that the entire face area of the person has a younger and flawless appearance when performed at the same time as the facelift procedure.

Are Leg Aesthetics And Nose Aesthetics Performed At The Same Time?

Legs may appear more contrary to the physical appearance due to health reasons or excessive fat formation in the body. While performing this procedure, all aesthetic and health problems in the nose are solved by performing a rhinoplasty operation at the same time within the same surgery.

Can BBL And Abdominoplasty Be Performed At The Same Time?

In order for BBL and tummy tuck surgery to be performed at the same time, the preferred BBL method should be butt aesthetics with fat injection. When BBL aesthetics is performed with fat injection, the tummy tuck operation completely changes the physical characteristics of the person in a single operation. Butt lift is performed for BBL aesthetics with fat injection. In tummy tuck surgery, the body is tightened by removing excess fat and sagging skin.

Where Is Turkey Plastic Surgery Operation Performed?

In plastic surgery procedures in Turkey, the interventions to be made, the techniques used, the methods applied and the quality standards vary depending on the preferred hospital. First of all, when researching the most well-known plastic surgery operations in Turkey, such as breast aesthetics in Turkey and nasal aesthetics in Turkey, it should be noted whether there is an institution like estethica that always prioritizes healthy beauty. Estethica offers plastic surgery operations and all non-surgical methods in Ataşehir and Levent branches in order to reach all segments and meet all expectations.

What Is Plastic Surgery Operation Prices In Turkey ?

When choosing a hospital in Turkey, priority should be given to the quality of the hospital, whether it meets the expectations of the patient, successful surgery rates, and whether there is a health institution that prioritizes patient rights. estethica keeps the price performance in direct proportion in questions such as liposuction prices in Turkey, face lift prices in Turkey or breast aesthetics prices in Turkey, keeping the healthy beauty it aims at the forefront. To get more information about plastic surgery prices in Turkey, to make an appointment and to learn about the current prices, you can call +90 549 791 99 06 or contact Whatsapp.

Treatment Summary

  • Session
  • Operation length
    1-3 Hours
  • Anesthesia
  • Discomfort period
    1 Week
  • Return to work
    7 days
  • Full Recovery
    Should be checked
  • Results
  • Hospital stay
    1-3 Days

WARNING: Everyone is unique.That means that the treatment length, planning and results may be differ The information you see here are the resulting average from a large range of samples..

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