What is DHI Plus Gold Hair Transplantation?

The newest and most innovative technique for hair transplantation.

DHI Plus Gold Hair Transplantation in Turkey

DHI Plus Gold hair transplantation is a technique which has been redeveloped by estethica, emerged as a result of researches and developments that took approximately 12 months by the Arge unit. DHI Plus Gold hair transplantation is made with a gold-tipped needle, the patent of which belongs entirely to estethica, and improves the DHI hair transplantation technique by adding pluses.

  • In Turkey, DHI Plus Gold hair transplantation method, it is a hair transplantation technique that reduces graft loss to almost zero thanks to special techniques, and also saves time by reducing the duration of the hair transplantation process by 1/3.
  • The most important feature of hair transplantation with DHI Plus Gold Hair Transplantation technique; It does not maintain stitches, scars and incisions.
  • The purpose of this technique is to ensure that the grafts taken from the back of the head to be transplanted are healthier and stronger by minimizing the time they are outside.
  • The grafts taken from the healthy part of the head.
  • After that they are kept in a private solution throughout the operation, thus preventing the hair follicles from dying.
  • This solution is a special solution that is used during organ transplantation and ensures that the internal organs remain alive for a long time.
  • This solution has started to be used for the first time for hair follicles in estethica branches, which does its job maximum efficiency.
  • In DHI hair transplantation, it can provide a more intense image, preserve the existing hairy image and quickly return to daily life of the person who has hair transplantation.

What are the Stages of DHI Plus Gold Hair Transplantation?

Estethica "Hair Care Medical Products" patented by estethica are used during and after hair transplantation. Our products with nourishing and restorative properties ensure healthy hair growth.

Hair Analysis Before Hair Transplantation: Process by examining the hair structure of the person with a professional hair analyzer. After that the scalp structure and the direction of the hair follicles are analyzed.

Second process is that Drawing the Hair Transplant Line with a Special Ruler: It will create the person's head structure and the most natural state. In this way, the front line of the hair is created according to the wishes of the person.

Painless Anesthesia Before Hair Transplantation: After determining the area to be transplanted, painless anesthesia is performed. The application area is anesthetized by performing local anesthesia with a needle-free anesthesia device.

Collection of Appropriate Grafts from the Donor Area in DHI Hair Transplantation: Processed and hair follicle (graft). After the preparations of the determined number of people are made, they are removed from the donor area by the professional team. The grafts in the area marked by our doctor are carefully and sensitively micro-motor method and Collects with Optician Glasses.

Waiting of Grafts Collected from the Donor Area: Grafts collected for replanting, organ.

In transplantation, it is kept in a special organ transplantation solution that ensures the survival of the organ to be transplanted. In this way, grafts in the solution specially prepared for the nutrition of organs can achieve success up to 90% survives. In ordinary hair transplantation techniques; grafts are suitable for tissue such as gauze or distilled water. The survival of grafts does not reach 50% because they are kept in unsuitable conditions.

Planting the Collected Grafts in the Sowing Area: With the foods they need in the organ transplant solution. Thanks to this solution grafts are fed. The area to be transplanted; It is planted with a gold-tipped needle, also developed by estethica. Since gold is an element that does not harm the tissue, the gold-tipped needle is used as a standard in all procedures.

DHI Post-Hair Transplantation Care

After the hair transplantation process is completed, the transplantation is performed with the golden cream developed by our R&D team. Thanks to its special structure consisting of reparative components, golden cream does not require bandages.

Discharge After Hair Transplantation: Our patient is discharged after the end of the hair transplant procedure. The golden cream is repeated until the washing process.

Post-Hair Transplantation Care Applications: Updating the DHI Hair Transplantation process as DHI Plus Gold.

The last two reasons are; Patented care products for washing and care processes after hair transplantation at estethica is done with. After hair transplantation, the hair follicles are treated with ozone steam with a specially prepared multivitamin. It is strengthened and necessary vitamins are transferred to the scalp and roots.

Hair Care with Laser: Laser beams give very good results when used as a repair. Special import with the laser care device we have, laser beams are sent to the hair follicles of our patient who had hair transplantation.

DHI Plus Gold What are the Advantages of DHI Hair Transplantation?

In DHI hair transplantation, performing the channel opening and hair follicle placement at the same time, the collected hair follicles allows it to be placed in place without waiting for a long time. In DHI hair transplantation, graft losses kept in a special solution are minimized. It allows more frequent planting and more natural looks. In DHI hair transplantation, Thanks to the gold-tipped needle, the waiting time of the roots during hair transplantation is reduced. So techniques of DHI Hair Transplantation, for the roots, The risk of loss is minimized. With the gold tip, the risk of tissue damage and allergic reaction is minimized. Existing hair is not damaged. DHI Plus Gold hair transplant is a method that can also be applied in patients whose hair loss has not been completed. With the DHI Plus Gold hair transplant, the patient experiences a rapid recovery period.

DHI Plus Gold Hair Transplant Turkey / DHI Hair Transplant Price

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Treatment Summary

  • Session
  • Operation length
    6 hours
  • Anesthesia
  • Discomfort Period
    1-3 days
  • Return to work
    2 days later
  • Full recovery
    10 Days
  • Results
  • Hospital stay

WARNING: Everyone is unique.That means that the treatment length, planning and results may be differ The information you see here are the resulting average from a large range of samples..

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