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estethica Health Group, Serving at Atasehir and Levent locations; the most advanced technologies, with specialists and experience in the field, is the most reliable and leading plastic surgery center in Turkey. Aesthetic and plastic surgery, hair transplantation and hair health, healthy life and nutrition, dermatology and medical aesthetics, oral and dental health, varicose veins and acupuncture clinics.


Acting with the motto of healthy beauty in all areas, especially aesthetic surgery and hair transplantation, our institution always undertakes the leading and guiding role in the sector. With our advanced R&D center, the largest cosmetic surgery center in the world, our expert team, fully equipped clinics, we continue to serve in three locations for the time being, and we are constantly working to improve ourselves and our service quality.


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Patient Rooms

The comfort of both our patients and companions is considered in our duplex patient rooms designed with the concept of world cities.

You can visit our hospitals 360 degrees

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Operating Theaters

We meet you with health and beauty in the operating theaters without forgetting the medical ethics.

Murat Akdoğan Educational, Health, Culture and Social Cooperation Foundation

The Murat Akdoğan Educational, Health, Culture and Social Cooperation Foundation was established in 2010 as part of a corporate responsibility project by Estethica Health Group Chairman of the Board Dr. Murat Akdoğan.

The aim of the Foundation is to found a university where children, who are wards of the government and the responsibility of the Social Services Organisation until their 18th year of age but afterwards don’t receive adequate support, can receive higher education with 100% scholarships. At the same time, the university’s aim will be to contribute to the development of people of character and leadership potential and prepare them for working life to benefit our country and humanity while providing for all of their living needs while they study at the university.

The Foundation’s first project, the ‘BEAUTIFUL PROJECT’ provided occupational training for young girls aged between 15-20 in aesthetics, hand-foot care and patient relations.

Project aims:

  • Ensuring young girls have a career in up and coming lines of work at the end of the training programme.
  • Increasing their quality of life by ensuring they join the labour force and are thus employed.

Estethica Health Group profits are transferred to the The Murat Akdoğan Educational, Health, Culture and Social Cooperation Foundation to achieve this.

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Our guests recognize our health group and be aware of our services and activities; In addition to this, our vision and mission to reflect on this occasion to you and to inform you through the web is our priority.

Therefore; We would like to inform you that you can visit our website and microsites without having to share any personal information. However; you can share with our free will on our web sites to get information from our health group on various subjects; name, surname, phone number, address and any information that reflects your personal situation, including, but not limited to, will be shared with third parties.

In this direction, your personal information shared by our guests from our website; can only be used by our health group and by our business partners to fulfill your request.

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