Dermal fillers

Fillers are used to increase the volume of any part of the body.

What Are Dermal Fillers?

Fillers are used to increase the volume of any part of the body (face, hands, back and nose, etc.) fill skin creases and wrinkles and fill lips. The permanence of fillers depends on the product used, but on average 6-12 months (4-6 months for lips) can be said. Longer lasting fillers using synthetic materials are available.

Today, fillers can be classified into 3 categories:

  • Non-permanent (less than 1 year)
  • Semi-permanent (between 1-2 years)
  • Permanent (more than 2 years)

The most commonly used fillers contain hyaluronic acid. The water retention characteristic of this acid adds volume to the skin but over time is metabolised by the body, lowering its effects. Its permanence is between 6-12 months and can be used on every part of the face and hands. The actual kind of hyaluronic acid filler used depends on the area of the body in question and the degree of volume loss. For the edges of the eyes and lips high-fluidity fillers, for forehead lines and low creasing in the space between the eyebrows and the space between the lower corners of the nose and corners of the lips low-fluidity fillers and for heavily creasing in the space between the lower corners of the nose and corners of the lips as well as for face shaping the most concentrated fillers are used.

Where Can Fillers Be Used On The Body?

Fillers are used on the lips to fill out lines stretching from the nose to the lips, lines above the lips, the cheekbones and cheeks, lines in between the eyebrows and to fill the lips.

Anaesthetic is applied to the area via creams or injections before the procedure begins. After a certain period of time has passed, the skin is cleaned with antiseptic and then the filler injections are used. More than one type of filler can be used on the same person depending on the depth of the lines and creases. For deeper ones, more successful results are obtained when the procedure is repeated 3 months later. Strenuous physical activity, massages, and very hot/cold places should be avoided for 3 days after the procedure (until swelling and redness disappear). The following day skin-care products can be used. Side effects such as redness, swelling and bruising may be seen.

Does Dhe Procedure Cause Pain?

The patient doesn’t feel any aches or pains as an anaesthetic cream or local anaesthetic is used beforehand.

Light Filler

Light fillers are a new technique amongst mesotherapy and filler techniques to return the skin’s capacity to reflect light. It is a simple but effective procedure carried out once a week for a total of 3 sessions. Results visible with the naked eye become apparent after the first injection as well as cumulative sessions.

Back of the Hand Fillers

There is now a solution for the signs of ageing such as blemishes, loss of tissue and increasingly visible veins on the back of the hand.

Who Can Have Fillers for the Back of the Hand?

The aim of hand rejuvenation is to replace subcutaneous tissue, increase the quality of thinning and worn skin and remove blemishes. Fillers can be used to fill out the subcutaneous level of the skin on the back of the hand. Pure hyaluronic acid and PRP are used to improve the quality of the skin and moisturise it. Skin blemishes are removed with chemical peeling or abrasion.

Treatment Summary

  • Session
  • Operation length
    20 Minutes
  • Anestesia
  • Discomfort Period
  • Return To Work
    The same day
  • Full Recovery
    The same day
  • Results
    6-10 months
  • Hospital Stay

WARNING: Everyone is unique.That means that the treatment length, planning and results may be differ The information you see here are the resulting average from a large range of samples..

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