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Thermage/Thermaperfect is a non-surgical procedure used to treat loose and saggy skin on the face, jowls, stomach, arms, thighs and bottom.

The most important aspect of Thermage/Thermaperfect is that it can non-surgically lift the face and other parts of the body. Thermage has an effect 8mm under the skin, using heat to constrict and shrink collagen.

This procedure aims to achieve tightening of around 15% as soon as the procedure is over. The stimulated collagen begins to multiply and increasing rates of improvement begin to become visible from the 2nd month following the procedure with final results being visible after 6 months. Heat is felt during the procedure, and this heat can be adjusted according the individual tolerance level of each patient though your skin may turn slightly pink. This procedure is suitable for both men and women aged 30-60.


WARNING: Everyone is unique. This means that the treatment length, planning and results may be different for yourself. The information you see here are is the resulting average from a large range of samples. You can contact us for more detailed information via 0549 791 99 01

Number of Sessions/Operations
Operation Length 30-45 minutes
Anaesthetic None
Discomfort Period None
Return to work Immediate
Full Recovery 1 month
Permanence of Results 1-2 years
Length of Hospital Stay
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