Nicole F.
Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)
I had rhinoplasty at Estethica. I am happy that I chose this institution. Starting from the reception at the hospital, his warm and professional approach made me feel like I was in the right place. I would like to thank my doctor and my advisors in the Department of Plastic Surgery. I am so happy.
Jully U.
Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)
I asked my doctor for natural nose, he gave more. Although only 3 months have passed, a perfect nose has emerged. Thank you here too.
Julia E.
Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)
I had rhinoplasty 2 weeks ago and I was very satisfied. I would like to thank my doctor and counselor who took care of me. She was very nice and engaged. Thank you for your interest.
Anna R.
Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)
I had nose surgery here. I have a curved little nose just the way I want it. I had a very comfortable night. The floor nurses were very caring. The departmental consultant is a genuinely caring person who follows his job closely. I want to thank everyone who came back to me with every call, motivated me and helped me in this process...
Rosa P.
Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)
I had a nose surgery here and we went through a very simple process together. We are very pleased with the interest and concern shown by the hospital, I would like to thank my doctor and plastic surgeon.
Beatrix K.
Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)
I would like to thank my doctor who successfully performed my rhinoplasty surgery at Estethica Hospital and the specialist of the department for their interest and support throughout my procedure, and wish them success in their duties.
Robert Q.
Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)
First of all, I would like to thank my doctor for this perfect nose that fits my facial features. The nurses at the hospital and everyone at the reception were very friendly and nice people. A multidisciplinary review was performed on the day of surgery. I think everyone is doing their job with love and in the best way.
Brian X.
Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)
I had rhinoplasty at Estethica. I didn't think I would have such a quiet day. Everyone from the nurses to the ground attendants was very interested and confident. They were very interested before and after the surgery, especially the plastic surgeons, with their smiling faces and sweet tongues, all my fears were removed. I calmly accepted the operation with interest and concern. The doctor's smiling face and sweet language erased all my fears. I want to thank everyone, from the nurse to the housekeeper, to the doctor, to the head of the department. A hospital where you can go without fear...
Kenneth A.
Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)
I had rhinoplasty with my sister and I was very satisfied. The doctor and all the other staff were very interested. They were very friendly and helpful. Thank you all.
Jake I.
Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)
Definitely a clinic and team that deserves 5 stars or more. First of all, I would like to start with the smiling doctors. It is very motivating when you are greeted with a smiling face when you enter. I made an appointment with Estethica on someone's recommendation. I went to many places for rhinoplasty, but the energy of this hospital was better. The nurses were very attentive on the day of surgery. I'm happy. I'm on day 6 and feeling great. Thanks Estethica family
Frank S.
Penis Enlargement Surgery
I was incredibly satisfied. All employees are very hospitable, high energy, professional, I definitely recommend. I will definitely come again, thank you very much to the estethica family.
Alex N.
Penis Enlargement Surgery
I would like to thank my doctor for removing all my worries about laser and making me feel incredibly comfortable. I would also like to thank the consultant lady who accompanied me for her incredible energy and meticulousness to her work. I would recommend it to everyone.
Jonathan F.
Penis Enlargement Surgery
I went with the recommendation of a friend and I was very satisfied. An institution that provides quality, clean service. Employees serve with a smile. Prices are also good. I advise.
Robert C.
Penis Enlargement Surgery
I was very satisfied with my surgery. My doctor patiently and sincerely answered all my questions both during the decision-making phase and afterwards. I had a painless and painless process. I would like to thank my doctor and nurse who helped me a lot with their interest and smile.
Michael A.
Penis Enlargement Surgery
During the operation, my doctor was very caring, sweet and expert in his job. I was very satisfied with my consultants and my doctor. Thank you all.
I feel totally great about my liposuction treatment. After the consultation appointment and recognizing how professional and personable the staff was, I knew that this was the right place for me.. When I know I look good, I tend to be more assertive than before. Estethica gave me that self-esteem back again. End of story.
Breast Aesthetics
I was extremely satisfied with my experience because I felt that the staff went beyond my expectations to ensure that I had a wonderful surgical procedure. I knew that they had the medical credentials or I would not have chosen them. It was the attention to even the smallest details that set them above the rest. I can only say positive things about my experience with Estethica and can truly recommend them.
To be honest, I was very scared for my rhinoplasty operation. It was a very diffuclt decision for me to make. After getting in contact with the great team of Estethica, I was informed about anything and everything, therefore I felt extremely relieved and decided to visit Istanbul to get my operation done. I must say I’m very happy with how my nose looks. Estethica is magnificent in all aspects, team is very professional and I had a great deal of attention from when first stepped foot in Istanbul till I flew back home. I want to thank everyone who helped me along the way.
Corey I.
Hair Transplant
It was almost half a year ago that I had hair transplantation at Estethica. The reason I chose them was not only because of their success and great experience in the field, but also bunch of things that they hold the patent of that separate them from everyone else in this sector among them are Gold Cream which eliminates the need for wound dressing for 1 day, ozon and laser therapy, plus a serie of hair care products that can elevate the overall success. What I need to mention foremost is that they use organ transplantation serum to keep grafted hair cells alive for almost 2 days, that also enhances the success rate of the operation. Cannot wait to see the results at the end of one year. So far, I can definitely recommend Estethica for their wonderful work.
Antonio U
Hair Transplant
I had a hair transplant and I was very satisfied with the service. It was a painless, super experience. Many thanks, respect and love to the hair transplant team.
Richard P.
Hair Transplant
I chose this place for hair transplantation and then we continued with a 4-session PRP procedure. I would like to thank all the 6th and 7th floor staff who did not miss the valuable advice of the operation planner for their polite and caring approach.
Steve Y.
Hair Transplant
I had a hair transplant on September 1st. I was very satisfied with estethica Ataşehir during and after the operation. I would like to thank all my teammates for their support and help in every post-operative issue.
Abel C.
Hair Transplant
When I entered Estethica Clinic, I met with a sincere and pleasant encounter, your interest and concern made me very happy and I would like to thank everyone who had a hair transplant here.
Jonathan D.
Hair Transplant
I would like to thank the team for their care and attention during and after my hair transplant. It was a successful and painless transplant, I would definitely recommend it.
Gregor B.
Hair Transplant
A very clean, comfortable clinic. I had a hair transplant, I was very satisfied. You will have a hair transplant, I suggest you meet Estethica.
Benjamin M.
Hair Transplant
I would like to thank all the hospital staff for their success in my hair transplant process. Of course, my wife and I would like to thank the team very much.
Frank V.
Hair Transplant
We preferred hair transplantation for my brother, we were satisfied, so I had a prp done. I would like to thank the manager very much, he hosted him very well with his interest and smiling face. We always reached out when we had a problem, we got information, we got answers, he supported us without getting bored.
Moses L.
Hair Transplant
I was very satisfied with the hair transplant I had at Estethica Ataşehir Branch, the interest and relevance was very good. We were greeted with a warm welcome with a smiling face, the communication was not interrupted before and after the operation, they were interested, we thank all the staff.
David O.
Hair Transplant
Before my hair transplant at Estethica, I felt bad about my look. Being bald made me feel imperfect.After my hair transplant, even I was shocked by how great I looked and felt. If I had only known about Estethica earlier. Estethica gave me back what I lost 10 years ago.
Jose A.
Hair Transsplantation
I have been to Turkey several times and I can say that Estethica is the best clinic. The best specialist doctors, best nurses and the best translators are in ESTETHICA. If you are looking for quality and good treatment, this is your clinic.
Last summer I was in Turkey for a tourist visit and spent a few weeks in Istanbul. I took the opportunity to have a procedure in Estethica. I am very happy with the results. Magnificent in all aspects, a very professional team and very good attention. Very happy with the result. Thank you!
Paul E.
Teeth Veneers
I performed my zirconium veneer treatments at the Estetica Hospital Dental Department. I would like to thank my doctor and the staff who helped me for their interest.
Kevin I.
Teeth Veneers
I think, I have found the right place to solve my dental problems that I have postponed and feared for a long time. Thanks to the friendly doctors and staff, I didn't come back through the door this time. A troublesome operation was performed under anesthesia and his treatment continues. Everything is going very well at this stage. Thank you everyone for the patience and attention shown to me.
Jesse G.
Teeth Veneers
All employees at Estethica Hospital warm my heart and make my day better with their friendly, warm and positive approach. Meeting people who do their job properly and cleanly gives me confidence. Every day I come here, it gives me peace of mind knowing that after my work is done, I will return home happy and at peace. I would definitely recommend it to anyone, look no further.
Zack S.
Teeth Veneers
First of all moment I stepped into the hospital, I was met with incredible professional attention. Everyone is doing their job so well. I am really impressed. A place I found after long research is highly recommended to everyone. Doctors are excellent professionals.
Daisy Y.
Teeth Veneers
I had my front two teeth done with zirconium. So pleased to meet you. I would like to thank the prosthesis and dental department staff for their interest.
Cybill P.
Teeth Veneers
As soon as you enter the Dental Clinic, you instantly feel that sincerity and comfort. You are welcomed, accompanied during all procedures and you feel safe. A wonderful place where I entrust my teeth and health. Many thanks to the entire clinic. See you soon.
April J.
Teeth Veneers
We left very satisfied with the dental department we came to. Thank you to our staff for hosting us. He made us feel really special with his interest, smiling face and pleasant conversation. We forgot our dentist phobia. Thank you estethica Dental Department
Dahlia N.
Teeth Veneers
After long researches, I started implant treatment on the recommendation of my close friend. When I look in the mirror right now, I say good luck. Thank you for your attention and allowing me to have this beautiful smile.
Wendy X.
Teeth Veneers
The fact that the dental hospital I came to with my sister was in the comfort of home made me feel extremely special. Conditions are right for laminate veneer, I hope it starts quickly and turns out great. I would also like to thank all the staff that I cannot pass without mentioning.
Sarandon C.
Teeth Veneers
I came on the recommendation of a friend, I received treatment from the Dentistry department here. At estethica they do their work with care and love. They never felt alienated. They are very successful. I would like to thank the estethica family, dentistry department staff, doctors and assistants.
Jason K.
Teeth Veneers
I visited Estethica’s Dental Clinic for my veneers treatment a few months back. I only had a limited amount of time in my hands to get it done. Thankfully, my treatment went perfect and only took 5 days. I flew in on Monday early in the morning and flew back on Friday night. I am extremely happy with the way my smile looks, I feel much more confident than before!

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