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It is essential to look the way you are comfortable with and the way you like to look. It is equally important to appear how you are meant to look, and beauty matters a lot in many situations. Physical appearance and your features affect your overall personality and aid in building confidence in general public dealings.

Best rhinoplasty surgeon in turkey

It is essential to look the way you are comfortable with and the way you like to look. It is equally important to appear how you are meant to look, and beauty matters a lot in many situations. Physical appearance and your features affect your overall personality and aid in building confidence in general public dealings. Some are fortunate to have desired body and face, and some need to have a minor correction to get the face they wish for. People worldwide spend millions of dollars on aesthetic treatments, visiting spas and in herbal treatment plans. In cosmetic surgery, Rhinoplasty or nose job is an advancement to treat the nose's shape and size. If you are not satisfied with nasal features, then Plastic surgery in Turkey (Istanbul) has got the solution to your worries at the Estethica, world-class service for aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery, hair transplant, dental and oral aesthetics, nutrition and dermatology.

What is Rhinoplasty ?

Rhinoplasty is commonly known as a nose job. It is an aesthetic surgery used for the reshaping of your nose (Turkey rhinoplasty before and after by Estethica Global). The process involves the reduction of the nose, nose enlargement, tip lifts and nasal bone deviation. Rhinoplasty is also used to correct the nose disfigurement resulting from trauma or congenital disabilities. Nasal Rhinoplasty can also fix a person's breathing defects. In the field of aesthetics and plastic surgery, cosmetic rejuvenation with Rhinoplasty is very common.

Reasons for Rhinoplasty

Nose repairing after injury, correction of breathing problems, and if the patient is not satisfied with the aesthetic appearance of his/her nose, then the plastic surgeon at Esthetica global (Turkey, Istanbul) arte specialized to make the necessary changes in the following manner :

  • Changes in size and angle of the nose
  • Straightening the nasal bridge of the nose
  • Reshaping of the nasal tip
  • Narrowing of the nostrils
  • Correction of the nasal septum

If you are interested in altering your nose's shape to change the appearance, then wait until the bone is fully grown. For girls, it should be done after the age of fifteen years, and for males, it keeps increasing until an older age. However, if it is performed for breathing correctness, it is advisable to do it in the younger years.

How to prepare for Rhinoplasty?

A preoperative appointment is made with the surgeon to discuss the goals, realistic expectations and complications associated with the surgery.

  • The patient has to discuss the current and past medical history and the use of medications. If the patient has haemophilia, a disorder that causes excessive bleeding, the surgeon will go against elective aesthetic surgery.
  • The surgeon will determine the changes that can be made through surgery. The surgeon will do a physical examination of the nose and skin from inside and outside.
  • Your plastic surgeon might also order some labs and blood tests.
  • The surgeon will ask about the use of supplements and other medications and advise to either continue or stop taking them. Aspirin and ibuprofen are contraindicated two weeks before and two weeks after the Rhinoplasty as these medications slow down the blood clotting process and cause the patient to bleed more during and after surgery.
  • Quitting smoking will also aid in fast recovery and healing from the surgery as nicotine in cigarettes constricts blood vessels resulting in less oxygenated blood to the healing tissues and delayed recovery.

The procedure of Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is done in our surgical facility at Esthetica medical units (Turkey-Istanbul). The process starts with the use of local anaesthesia to numb your face and nose. The patient might also be given the anaesthesia by IV ROI, so he/she will feel groggy but still awake. After giving anaesthesia, the surgeon will cut in and outside the nose to separate the skin from the nostrils and then reshape. If the surgeon requires an additional cartilage piece, the doctor might remove it from the ear or deep inside the nostrils. The nose graft is also added to reshape the nose during the Rhinoplasty procedure. The whole process takes one to two hours, and it has complications, then it may take a longer time.

Recovery from Rhinoplasty

After the process is done, the surgeon will place a metallic splint to retain the nose new shape during the healing process. The surgeon may also place nasal packs or splints inside the nostrils to stabilize the septum. The patient will be monitored in the recovery room for a few hours. If everything is fine, then he/she will be allowed to leave. Anaesthesia will still affect you, so you will need someone to drive you home or take precautions in daily routine activities. In case of complicated surgery, the patient might have to stay in the hospital for more days.

Post-operative care after Rhinoplasty

The patient might feel swelling and minimal pain after the Rhinoplasty. For reducing the swelling, bleeding, and pain, it is necessary to sleep on your back. Due to nasal packs and splints, the patient might feel congested, but these need to be in place for a week. Following are the precautions your doctor will advise you after getting a nose job:

  • Strenuous exercises
  • Running
  • Excessive chewing
  • Excessive use of facial expressions
  • Pulling your clothes over the head
  • Resting eyeglasses on your nose

If the stitches are not absorbable, then you will need to see your doctor for sutures removal. Few days after the surgery, you might feel drainage or nose bleeding. A drip pad is tapped below your nose to absorb the blood, and the doctor will advise for how often this needs to change.

Treatment Summary

  • Session
  • Operation length
    1-3 hours
  • Anesthesia
  • Discomfort period
    3 days
  • Return to work
    3-7 days
  • Full Recovery
  • Results
  • Hospital stay
    0-1 night

WARNING: Everyone is unique.That means that the treatment length, planning and results may be differ The information you see here are the resulting average from a large range of samples..


Bruises and swelling are the main aspect of recovery, as the pain after surgery is minimal. Delicate anatomy of the nose is very sensitive to traumas and surgical interventions. When the nasal bones are surgically reconstructed, more bruises are observed. In most patients, they disappear within two weeks. Swelling disappear completely within one month.
The final results are three to five months after the operation - after the swelling of the face. Swelling requires a recovery time giving the delicate nose structure. If patients are not satisfied with the outcome, any additional interventions are planned one year after surgery. The probability of recurrence (secondary) rhinoplasty is usually about 10-15%.
Pain after surgery is minimal. Most patients only need painkillers for the next one to two days.
Our plastic surgeons will perform your Rhinoplasty for aesthetics reasons as well as functional reasons.

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