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Mesotherapy is a medical procedure to keep under control, or treat, painful illnesses using micro-injections. Derived from the Greek meso meaning middle, mesotherapy means ‘mid-skin therapy’.

Mesotherapy utilises very thin and short needles so that the medication given is quickly absorbed by the body, so it can be said the amount of time for it to enter systematic circulation to be non-existent. The number of injections needed varies depending of the patient, the illness and the anatomy of the area. Mesotherapy is primarily used for aesthetic reasons to treat cellulite and for regional slimming as well as being successfully used to prevent skin problems, skin ageing and hair loss in addition to all joint illnesses such as arthritis, for trauma caused by sport, and for some blood vessel complaints such as varicose veins, lymphedema and phlebitis

Face Mesotherapy

Ageing is the natural result of living, but this process can also be affected by lifestyles as much as genetic and environmental factors. Lines and wrinkles are the clearest indication of ageing skin, and these can be either very clear or not depending on their number and depth.

Mesolift means ‘skin tightening’. Mesolifts can be divided into 2 main groups:

1. Anti-ageing

2. Methods to remove or reduce lines and wrinkles caused by ageing, the most common of which are fillers.

More than being just the scientific and systematic introduction of minerals, vitamins and some structural agents with anti-ageing characteristics, the use of mesotherapy on the face, the part of the body where the signs of ageing are the clearest, both increases the effectiveness of the drugs whilst preventing unnecessary strain on organs where anti-ageing treatments are not needed.

Although the frequency of sessions varies according to patient, 3 or 4 sessions are normally arranged for the first month with one session every 15 days for the second and third months with a touch up session in the fourth month. The permanence of the results increases with the number of sessions. Mesotherapy is also a very effective supplementary treatment for Botox, fillers and chemical peeling.

Cellulite and Mesotherapy

Cellulite is a problem for almost 80% of women and can appear on the hips, legs, stomach and even the knees. Let doctors keep the arguments for the cause of this orange peel-like look to themselves; those with cellulite already have a way to quickly and painlessly remove this curse from their lives.

Oestrogen is seen to be the cause of cellulite, yet, to say that as a result of this connection cellulite is a problem faced only by women would be a mistake. Oestrogen increases the amount of insulin in the body by ensuring the storage of fat and sugar. This hormone reaches high levels especially during puberty, pregnancy and with the use of birth control pills. Moreover, women’s hips, stomach, thighs and calves are structurally very suitable to store fat and cellulite forms when the amount of fat stored by fat cells is higher than needed. These bloated cells protrude outwards giving skin an orange peel look.

Mesotherapy – The Most Effective Method for Cellulite

European doctors view cellulite as a problem that needs to be treated with a more serious approach, and this approach is mesotherapy. Mesotherapy works by stimulating nerve endings which in turn creates a reaction that opens the blood vessels by inserting needles into the treatment area at specific intervals. This is a much better way of introducing anti-ageing matter than in the past where they would be taken orally in much larger quantities.

How is Mesotherapy Performed?

First, an ultrasound of the area is taken so that the doctor can determine the thickness of the cellulite in order to determine the required depth and entry angle needed for the needles. These single-use sterile needles are only 4mm in length and are inserted at 1cm intervals to inject the drugs which directly effect the area with cellulite as it is injected into capillary veins. In this way it reduces oedema, and helps to improve lymphatic and blood circulation. It also helps to re-establish connectivity between the fat cells and the circulatory system, causing stored fat to become usable by the body once again by separating sugar and fat acids from each other. This fat will be used by the body during the treatment period as long as the patient maintains a low-calorie diet.

Without mesotherapy, a low-calorie diet only causes normal fat loss such as in the face and chest while making stubborn areas of fat on the hips and waste look more prominent.

Once the treatment is over, the doctor will take a final ultrasound to show the difference the treatment has made.

Drugs Used in Mesotherapy

1) Lipolytic drugs that breaks up fat cells: These increase the activity of dormant fat cells while allowing for triglycerides to convert into fat acid and glycerol. The body in this way, together with dieting, uses this energy causing regional slimming.

2) Plant-based drugs: These return capillary circulation to normal, repairing the fat exchange mechanism between the cells and the circulatory system while ensuring that excess water is removed.

3) Anaesthetics: These numb pain while opening the veins.

Treatment Period

First, an ultrasound of the area is taken so that the doctor can determine the location, thickness and type of the cellulite. The treatment lasts between 15-30 days. The amount of cellulite will quickly lessen as the number of sessions increase and the patient will quickly gain their normal body shape without there being any sagging.

Can Cellulite Reappear After Mesotherapy?

Cellulite can reappear if the patient doesn’t pay attention to their diet, returns to their old eating habits and doesn’t exercise. However, this cellulite will return as surface fat spread equally over the body.

Hair Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is an effective solution for hair loss for both men and women, especially during postnatal periods and periods of seasonal hair loss. Hair mesotherapy involves a cocktail of blood circulation regulators, elastin, collagen triggers and keratin structural agents being injected into the scalp.

How Often is Hair Mesotherapy Performed?

One or two sessions are performed a week depending on what the hair needs. Once a week is recommended during periods of high hair loss and once a month afterwards.


WARNING: Everyone is unique. This means that the treatment length, planning and results may be different for yourself. The information you see here are is the resulting average from a large range of samples. You can contact us for more detailed information via 0549 791 99 01

Number of Sessions/Operations 3-6
Operation Length 15 minutes
Anaesthetic Local anaesthetic
Discomfort Period 20 minutes
Return to work 0-1 day
Full Recovery Same day
Permanence of Results 1 year
Length of Hospital Stay
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