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The lasers used have been specially developed to safely and easily remove unwanted veins.

The difference between using a laser and other treatments to remove varicose veins is that it is classified as a non-surgical procedure.

It is a very quick and easy procedure that can be administered in as short a time as a lunch break. No harm is caused to the skin in the treated area.

This laser treatment has been approved for dermatological purposes by the FDA.


WARNING: Everyone is unique. This means that the treatment length, planning and results may be different for yourself. The information you see here are is the resulting average from a large range of samples. You can contact us for more detailed information via 0549 791 99 01

Number of Sessions/Operations 3-5
Operation Length 15 minutes
Anaesthetic None
Discomfort Period None
Return to work Immediate
Full Recovery 1 day
Permanence of Results Permanent
Length of Hospital Stay
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